I discovered design in high school, where I chose to do design classes as a part of my VCE studies, despite never having done a graphic design subject before. However, the decision to do graphic design was one of the best decisions that I could’ve made. By the end of year 12, I’d graduated with two portfolios (I did so much work that I couldn’t fit it all into one), scored a 98% grade (having only lost 1 mark for the entire thing) and was awarded the Max Darby Design Award for my year. I knew then that I’d found my calling.

I was drawn to Swinburne University and their Bachelor of Design course. I started out majoring in Graphic Communication Design but quickly took up a second major in Digital Media Design. I’d also excelled in Media in high school, so this major came naturally to me.

I learned so many skills that would contribute to my career in design and met so many fascinating people along the way. My love for design took me all the way to New York, where I interned under the makeup brand Winky Lux. There, I got some once in a lifetime experience that I could use in both the design industry and life in general.

My love for design continues to burn brightly and I look forward to a future where I can help others to express themselves or their brands through one of my biggest passions.