From the two-year diploma, I learned a lot. At that time I had a passion for exploring new things, and I was excited about the unknown and creative. In the process of learning, I have a drafting skill, hand render skill and model making skill. While completing my assessments, I accumulated teamwork skills, analysis skills and problem solving skills. In more professional fields, I learned Indesign, Photoshop, AutoCAD and Revit, used it in my design work. When I first entered the bachelor, I pursued details. I think good design is meticulous. During my studies, I became a quick learner and had better verbal communication. In terms of professional skill, I learned to use Rhino, and I learned Revit more deeply. Throughout the learning process of bachelor, I am now more cautious and careful about design, and I will think more deeply about things. I also accumulated laser cutting and management skills, and learned to manage time and plan life well. In the process, I have been learning and developing professional skills, and at the same time I learned to use Lumion to make better renderings.