Imagination, creation and execution. Three processes which describe my experience as a designer over the past four years. Throughout this time, I’ve discovered my strengths and moral compass and have grown personally and professionally. This includes harnessing my sense of imagination, throughout design conceptualisation, and incorporating climate action responses within my design proposals. This final year has challenged me to think critically about the principles of placemaking in the public realm whilst incorporating topics of sustainability. This combination has been materialised in project 'Visualising Climate Change'; a project that focuses on creating a larger platform of awareness for recycling. This design highlights my progression of designing for functionality and doing so in the most creative way I’ve imagined. Experimentation of texture and colour has been a key focus of exploration within my design development this year. Emphasising the emotional connection that colour in design evokes. The results executed within projects shown throughout my portfolio has been a truly gratifying experience; a portfolio which visualises experimentation of form, texture and colour encapsulating myself as a designer.