Simon Ravenhill


As we entered 2021, there was excitement and relief to be back on Swinburne campus, with a hint of awareness of what was important and required to keep the university we love safe while still in the pandemic. As an individual I have continued to grow as a communication designer. While moments were frustrating and unknown, times in design have never been so heroic as pre-COVID.

My name is Simon Ravenhill, and I am a Master of Design student. I have a wide range of knowledge and passions in applications such as: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I continue to delve into my love for publications, brand and production design along with photography, while also journeying into various other freedoms of work with students in and out of Swinburne, from cinematography and poster designs on films, branding and logos for freelancers and GradX 2020 and 2021.

The path has been tough, but highlights the good far outweighing the difficult. The experiences this year have strengthened me as a designer, continuing to learn new skills, better management and taking risks in pursuing the future of design.
I love meeting and working with groups of people. The sociable, happy group characteristics is what keeps the work and environment very enjoyable.