Grace Suhartanto


Grace Suhartanto is a determined young designer from Indonesia. Her most valuable asset is her ability to design using a large spectrum of media. She has experience with Graphic Design, UX Design, Motion Design, Photomedia, Typography and 3D-Modelling. She hopes to one day work in a design studio or as a in-house designer.

Her favourite projects include those that require motion graphics and branding. She enjoys motion graphics because it makes the designs come to life. As for branding, she enjoys the problem solving exercise when creating a solution for a client.

Rather than having a preferred style, Grace attempts to explore whichever style she believes best suits the current project. Some examples of styles she has used in the past are minimalistic, lovecraftian, dreamy, fantasy, urban and monochromatic.

She is also passionate about volunteering. She has logged over 200 hours of volunteering for Swinburne, much of it including design work. She is also very involved with other Swinburne programs such as being a mentor leader and a International Student Representative for FHAD in the Student Representative Council.

She has also recently completed a paid internship with Eclipse leadership group. She was tasked with creating motion graphic promotional videos. She was extremely grateful for this opportunity and is looking to develop her career further still.