John Gaskas


Hello I’m John, I specialise in Motion Graphics and 3D Development.

Growing up I’ve always had a strong imagination and I knew I wanted to do something creative. Design has been a major influence because there is a broad range of opportunities where you are able to let your ideas become reality and I find that really special.

To be a great designer you have to step outside your comfort zone, meet new people and continue to learn new techniques. I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve and I can’t wait to collaborate in exciting projects.

Swinburne has taught me so many new design techniques and has helped me improve my multitasking and problem-solving abilities. For instance, during the Motion Design Capstone project I had to learn programs I have never used before. It was great learning experience to organise tasks and undertake a leadership role to make sure the project deliverables were completed on time.

For anyone thinking about starting a design course at Swinburne, I highly recommend it as it’s fantastic for learning industry techniques and helps you think outside the box. I will never forget the time I spent here, the techniques I learned and seeing the most creative ideas from my peers to which I hope I get a chance to work with in the future.