Hi I'm Tom,

I'm currently studying second year Architecture at Swinburne University.

Since I was young, I've always had an eye for design, whether it be from gazing at buildings in the car, to now chasing my goals in designing buildings and homes.

It wasn't until year 11 that I realised I wanted to pursue my goal of being an architect, after completing work experience with the firm Woods Bagot. Here I developed a greater understanding of how an architecture firm runs and what is involved.

Ever since then, my passion became stronger for architecture, improving my skills through late high school. VISCOM gave me an insight of basic architecture, allowing me to transition into university, with an understanding of its production and functionality.

Moving to University, I became more confident in my work as I started to produce higher quality work. The more proud of my work, the more motivated I have been to succeed.

My mind is kept forward and I hope to eventually pursue this goal and continue to expand my potential.