Design Factory Melbourne

Today battery life, wi-fi and an assortment of digital promises for vital communication may end up a new addition into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Communication to collaborate—at its most basic is to connect, contribute and learn together—is core to Design Factory Melbourne’s human centred, challenge-based innovation approach.

Supported by a culture that normalises innovation practices our students are empowered to do the heavy lifting, working in teams across diverse disciplines, cto grapple with real world problems and challenges as set by industry partners.

The Design Factory experience changed me in a way that no other university, or workplace, context could: it taught me how to make things happen spontaneously, collaboratively and on the edge of what's possible. I learned new skills that I didn't even know existed and the best part was that they were often self-taught, and alongside my peers.

Natasha Miles Master of Design Strategy and Innovation   

Design Factory Melbourne Students