What if I don't know my student ID?
It is the string of numbers in your Swinburne student email address.
What if I don't know my student email address?
Contact the Student HQ .
What discipline do I chose if I am doing a Co-Major or Double Degree?
You can choose up to two disciplines and your portfolio will appear under both.
What if I don't receive a verification email?
Check your filters and junk mail folders.
What if I don't want to do a portfolio?
We encourage you to take part to celebrate your achievements and connect with industry, however you do not have to take part.
How many images can I upload to the portfolio?
You can upload up to five still images and you must choose which of these is the 'hero' image.
What do I write in a bio?
150-250 word biography. Here is a guide to writing a good bio: https://www.designhill.com/design-blog/how-to-write-a-great-artist-or-designer-bio/ and some good examples are on this site: https://theatre.uiowa.edu/academic-programs/mfa-programs/design-bios.
Which social media accounts should I add to my portfolio page?
You can have as many social media account handles as you like. We recommend using professional accounts only and showcasing your work, creative processes, and inspiration.
What are the specifrications for the portfolio images I need to upload?
1920px x 1440px, RGB colour space, JPG files (should be under 1MB file size).
What should I title my portfolio images?
Keep it under five words long and make it a brief identiifer of the project you are uploading.
What are the optional 'Artwork Links'?
This allows you to link your artwork to another page when someone clicks on it for example to a full copy of a publication work, a video or prototype. If you do not have a link users will simply a larger version of the image when they click on your portfolio piece.
Can I save my portfolio to keep working on it before it goes live?

Yes, make all the changes you need and save as you go along before hitting submit. You can preview your page before you press submit. The website will stop accepting changes from Sunday 13 November, 2022 so we can go live.

What if all the tickets for the event I want to attend are sold out?
Simply pop your name on the waiting list and you will be alreted if a ticket becomes available.