Hi, my name is Irina and I am a third year Architectural Design student at Swinburne University. During my time at Swinburne I have dedicated my design
processes to create unique structures with carbon fiber, examining form making and providing a sequenced scheme using grasshopper coding's and python scripting. Using the skills gained from my experiencing gave me the opportunities to design to the best of my abilities.

After about 3 years in academia I have also gained the confidence in industry standard programs such as Rhino, Revit and BIM, creating projects such as Project 'Senso' where I collaborated with team members to create a master plan development at Docklands, 'Project Dulili', a performing arts and community center aiming to provide Aboriginal people a sense of place within Melbourne CBD.

Within all the projects I have been in, all have provided a unique conceptual journey, through modeling and rendering in Enscape that I find most interesting about in everyone of my projects. I have also gained additional skills in adobe programs that helped communicate my concepts throughout projects . However, I am still working forward to improving my skill set after university as I hope to find my passion in design, more specifically in sustainability and environmental design.