My journey through architecture was inspired by stopping, staring and asking “why are buildings here?” I wanted to know how they were made and how they work. The freedom and individuality that each building I gazed upon was unique and that is what navigated me to study Architecture. Swinburne University offered a great under-grad program that allowed me to focus my intention on answering the questions I always asked myself. Critical thinking and empathetic approaches, which I learnt through my units, opened the possibilities to express myself through design. Now as I graduate this year I look back on my work and I am proud of what I have produced and the steps in which I took to get to where I am now. Everything that I learnt has been invaluable and has shaped how I think, not only with Architecture and the built environment, but the perspective on how I view the world around me. My skills that I have earnt through the course makes me industry ready and eager to have the opportunity to showcase the design knowledge that I have learnt. I look forward to the next path this degree will take me and the future of Architecture that is constantly developing.

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