Hi, my name is Nathan Ghanakas, im 22 years old and recently a graduate of Swinburne Bachelor of Design (Architecture). I have been attending Swinburne for four years, in which my first year i completed a diploma of design. The year following, i enrolled into Interior Architecture where i spent one year. The last two years, in 2019 and 2020, i completed my studies in Architecture.

The Architecture program Swinburne offers, has exposed me to a wide range of opportunities and skillsets, both in the theory and practical fields. The diversity of units offered, and projects delivered, made every moment enjoyable and exciting. Many briefs were related to real life scenarios, like how it would be like when working in the profession, giving me the confidence to interpret, think and work in different contexts. Swinburne’s ecosystem between students, teachers, and resources made it always a supportive and fruitful learning environment.

The architecture program also made it interesting to work in a range of different scales, from small, medium, large (master planning). This enabled me to think and design spaces differently, that would accommodate its occupants in context and perform within its environment.

Additionally, the pleasure of having accessibility to workshop resources, enhanced the architecture experience. Through this i was able to gain quality advice and gain a different perspective in some of the construction methods and theories, boosting the quality of my models. The tools available, made it almost possible to prototype just about anything, from massing to complex geometries.