A unique taste experience using cooling technology

One of the 2020-21 SUGAR projects was a global collaboration between Japan-based company Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd. (NKC) and a team of students from Design Factory Melbourne and the Kyoto Institute of Technology. Addressing the challenge of finding new and exciting solutions which benefit users, the team centred their project on improving the experience of campers to help promote outdoor recreation.

The team created Mogii, a portable smoker which incorporates unique cooling technology, offering users a new outdoor food experience. Super cold smoking is a cooking method which smokes foods while controlling the temperature between -10°C and 10°C. With Mogii, campers can smoke foods for roughly 15 minutes by simply burning smoke chips. The easy cooking process provides campers with a taste that cannot be experienced at higher temperatures. In addition, Mogii enhances sociability by bringing people together at the campsite to share new taste experiences.

Concept by Jackie Lin (Interior Architecture, Honours), Mark Vandersteen (Industrial Design, Honours) & Terry Chen (Master of Design), and students from the Kyoto Institute of Technology; Laura Hoppula (Master of Design), Shin Okamoto (Master of Design), Ayaka Mizuno (Master of Design) & Zhen Li (Master of Design).

Industry Partner: Nakanishi Metal Co.