Self-care anywhere.

One of the 2020-21 SUGAR Projects was a collaboration between Design Factory Melbourne, at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim and German company Hansgrohe SE. Masters students from design, engineering and computer science backgrounds were challenged to develop a product that taps into the emerging self-care market and can improve the health and wellbeing of users.

The team created Cirrus, a portable steamer that allows users to practice self-care at home and on the go. The steamer can be used for facial skincare, skin preparation before shaving, muscle relaxation, and more. Temperature and steam amount are adjustable as per user preference, as the steam is produced via ultrasonic transducers. Users can use hot steam to improve blood circulation and increase the skin’s absorption, making usage of products such as serums, creams or essences more effective. Cold steam is beneficial during hot summers and for vitalizing and refreshing the skin.

Cirrus allows for users to easily practice self-care wherever they are, meeting Hansgrohe’s goals of providing products which improve the wellbeing of users.

Concept by Rudra Bahirat (Product Design) & Sonia-Sue Scholze (Innovation & Strategy), and students from Mannheim; David Keller (Biomedical Engineering), Georgii Kostiuchik (Computer Science) & Marina Kimling (Biomedical Engineering).

Industry Partner: Hansgrohe SE