Carrying items in a wheelchair

As part of the [email protected] program in partnership with Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM), Occupational Therapy (OT) students worked to create human-centred design solutions that can enhance the lives of people living with disabilities, a.k.a the ‘Need-Knower’.

One of these Need-Knowers was Kiam, an amputee with a prosthetic leg. Due to his diabetes, he also often uses a wheelchair at home, and would like aids to help him carry more things around his home independently. Concepts that address Kiam’s need include:

TrayABLE – a tray which can be attached to Kiam’s wheelchair, providing sturdy, non-slip support for cups, bowls and cutlery to be carried whilst Kiam is propelling his wheelchair. Team: Belinda Cane (OT), Caitlin Huynh (OT), Monika Theilig (OT) & Susan MacPherson (OT).

Meals on Wheels Deluxe – an attachable tray made from ferritic stainless steel, allowing custom dinnerware with magnetised bases to attach and detach from the tray securely. Team: Allan Dang (OT), Jasmine Vakirtzis (OT), Kelly Wilks (OT), Liana Di Stefano (OT) & Piyumi Lakshika Gunasekara Thuththiripitiyalage (OT).

Stable Table – a non-slip, lip-edged tray with a cup holder. The tray connects via clips to two arms on the wheelchair, allowing the try to sit at an appropriate height for Kiam to carry his meals. Team: Tessa Guthrie (OT), Georgia Ramacciotti (OT), Eddy Dart (OT), Alana Pane (OT) & Megan Ramsay (OT).

K. I. AM Design Table – a retractable table connected to Kiam’s wheelchair through an adjustable gooseneck arm, with additional silicone leak-proof cup holders and a spring-loaded bowl and plate to ensure secure positioning of dinnerware. Team: Ankitha Joshi (OT), Dirk Xanthos (OT), Jonathan Stakos (OT), Penelope Walt (OT) & Sonia Giardina (OT).

Industry Partner: TOM: Melbourne