Aidan Krott is a Melbourne based designer, writer, and illustrator, working primarily in digital art as of 2019. Aidan considers himself, first and foremost, a storyteller, bringing his priorities as such to everything on which he works, be it leaning into more artistic projects and outcomes to finding creative ways of using design and art to convey some form of narrative. He is proficient in both digital, and traditional art and illustration, and his work as an Adobe Digital Coach has helped him gain a strong proficiency in most of the Adobe Creative Suite.

As a designer, Aidan’s core philosophy is that all good art and design should have something to say. He believes that every element within a piece should be present for a reason, to say something that supports the piece’s overall narrative and that anything that doesn’t is redundant and unnecessary.

Aidan’s proudest professional accomplishment has been his work on his Motion Design Capstone Project, for which Aidan took on the role of Project Manager, and Web Designer. Aidan was responsible for leading a small team of his peers in creating, and exhibiting Hydro City, an educational Water Management app made in collaboration with Melbourne Water. He was also responsible for the project’s web design, designing both the Hydro City page and the Motion Design Capstone homepage.