Hi! My name is Marissa Buttigieg, and I am a Product Design Engineering student at Swinburne University of Technology.

My passion for science and the arts led me to choosing this degree, and throughout my studies, I have developed skills across the entire design process. I love creating innovative solutions to real-world problems, which are supported by theoretical engineering principles. I enjoy working on dynamic problems across various industries and thrive during the design of user-centred, functional, and commercially viable products. In addition to my university studies, I enjoy exploring graphic design and 3D printing small gadgets for around the home. I also enjoy keeping up with the latest tech and anything automotive related.

My Final Year Project, Odyssee, is a discreet wearable navigation device designed to provide independence and confidence to the blind and low vision community. Complimenting existing assistive mobility aids, the implementation of distinct haptic vibrations help guide the user to their destination. The charging station features tactile controls, ensuring accessibility and intuitiveness. This innovative and commercially viable product is an empowering solution that builds confidence and supports greater social inclusion for vision impaired individuals.

More information can be found via the links, or feel free to get in contact directly.