Hi, I’m Sam Bird.

I am a graduating Product Design Engineer student from Swinburne University of Technology.

My time at Swinburne allowed practical thinking and application experience to hone become an effective design engineer. I have a passionate belief in change and the development of the world, myself, and the projects for which I have been and hope to be involved. The experiences range from engineering remote equipment shelters for Airservices Australia to designing medical grade antimicrobial tapware for the average home. My range of experience have made me particularly proficient in 3D modelling, design for manufacture, advanced prototyping, and value engineering.

Outside of university, I enjoy the exploration of nature and the hands on fixing and building, utilising the developed creative-practical thinking.

My honours project, Rise, brought my love of photography and exploration into the need of others through Tikkun Olam Makers and Scope (Aust). Wheelchair uses often rely on others to aid community engagement and exploration. Finding market ready solutions to provide the mental benefits of creative activities within the community is near impossible. The final Rise product provides wheelchair users with the opportunity for the independent expression of mindful creativity through its modular design and ease of use.