I am a passionate Product Design Engineering student, excited to be graduating in 2022 and taking my first steps into the Engineering world.

My years at Swinburne has given me a great appreciation for projects that can make a difference in the world, providing real solutions to real world problems, which has been carried over into many of my Engineering projects.

A highlight of this passion was shown through being awarded the BMW Group Smart Melbourne Scholarship in 2018 – based upon my project that introduced a solar vehicle - to house – to grid technology. This scholarship allowed the experience to travel to the BMW headquarters in Munich and Berlin, to gain valuable knowledge and insight with experts in transportation industry.

My capstone project, RYDE, combined my passion for transportation design, scholarship experience and knowledge gained from my PDE course, to propose a multi-functional cargo carrier, to decongest crowded inner cities. RYDE is able to switch between different ‘cargo carriers’ to provide an all-in-one, low cost, renewable alternative to private vehicle’s, taxis and delivery vehicles in inner cities. The project proved to be challenging and rewarding at the same time, and I am extremely happy with what I have achieved.