I am a recent Product Design Engineering graduate who is passionate about creativity and technology. Product design combines my love for innovation, research and assisting others to practically resolve issues. Engineering unlocks the potential for original products to be designed and constructed for the betterment of not just human lives, but animals and the natural environment.

My capstone is Droplet, a breast pump that improves the way mothers collect their breastmilk by mitigating common problems associated with breast pumps like discomfort, noise and breast soreness due to skin damage. The breast and nipple are supported by a soft silicone cushion that reduces the likelihood of abrasions on these areas whilst pumping. The cushion moves in tandem with the nipple as it is pulled into the shaft to support and massage the mammary glands encouraging the expression of milk in a biomimicking way. Moreover, the pressing issue of noise has also been addressed by utilising a quieter piezoelectric pump in the design. These key features distinguish Droplet from the competition by providing mothers with a deep sense of comfort and sense of relaxation throughout their pumping session.