Hi, I'm Joseph Perkins.

I am a graduating Product Design Engineering student from Swinburne University of Technology.

Through my studies, I have acquired the skills and knowledge to become a capable product design engineer. My strengths lie in user-centred design processes, 3D modelling and design for manufacture. I have honed these skills through various projects in my studies, with a multitude of these featuring a direct industry connection. Industry partners that I have collaborated with include Nexans Olex, Hobson’s Bay City Council, Tikkun Olam Makers, MicroHeat Teachnologies, Play9 Studios and Avail Design.

My final year research project, designed in collaboration with published psychologists, delved into the fundamental drivers of motivation and productivity. The resulting product was an innovative desktop tool with software integration. The tool allows the user to swiftly engage in focus time at the press of a button. The button press activates pre-configured smartphone software to block distractions of the outside world and track and report meaningful data to help the user build positive productivity habits.