Hi, my name is Harmoni and I’m in my final year of my Bachelor of Engineering (Product Design) (Honours) / Bachelor of Business (Economics). This course has given me opportunities to explore various social and environmental issues that we face around the world. I’m passionate about creating product service systems. To me, the projects we develop in Product Design are just a small part of a bigger movement that we’re trying to create. During my time at Swinburne University, I have had the privilege to develop skills in key areas that allow me to solve relevant, complex problems through engineering. I love all things technical and design, and I love to bring my creative approach across both of my disciplines.

My final year project is called Lenio – Supporting (Men)tal Health.
Anxiety is like the common cold of mental health. Approximately 1 in 5 Australian males suffer from anxiety in their lifetime, and that figure is thought to be even worse in the aftermath of COVID-19. Melbourne-based psychologist, Amber Tsindos, highlights that men in commercial construction are particularly vulnerable and can be significantly burdened by the changing landscape approaching COVID-normal. Lenio, or Lenny, is a tactile, sensory key-ring designed to respond to some of the physical anxiety symptoms of users through touch. Lenny invites you to press, squeeze, or click the topographically contoured surface and imparts reassuring mechanical feedback. Pressure sensors work in conjunction with an appto monitor interactions and help manage your anxiety. The Lenny app can also capture valuable data when integrated into counselling support programmes. Locking straight onto your keyring, Lenny reassuringly accompanies you wherever you go.