When I was younger, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Little did I know that all my passions unintentionally encompassed Product Design Engineering. From playing with Lego, drawing, making videos, to coming up with my own random inventions and business ideas; all along, it seemed that this degree was made for me.

Approaching problems with a technical mindset and generating creative solutions is an aspect of the degree that I have thoroughly enjoyed. My placement at Cobalt has helped me to develop my engineering skills further with real world experience; and starting my own business, Peggles has helped me to be business minded and further satisfy my creative thirst.

The ability to see a project through its entirety is something that I have really enjoyed. Undertaking all aspects from ideation, through to product creation and in particular the prototyping stages have been a highlight. The versatility of skills that I have been fortunate enough to develop throughout my five years of study, I hope, will provide a solid foundation for my future within Product Design Engineering.