I have always been intrigued to learn how and why things work, pulling things apart from a young age and teaching myself how it all fits together. This curiosity has fuelled my passion for product design engineering and all that it entails. The act of creation, from the earliest fleeting ideas that lead to the final tangible result you can touch and feel is a source of constant inspiration for me, and something that I always want to be a part of.
I also have a passion for sustainable design, which I tend to bring to almost every project I am a part of in one way or another. It was this passion that helped spark the idea for my final year project.

I call it 'Saber', which means 'knowledge' in Spanish, and is appropriate because it is an interactive exhibition space designed to disseminate critical information to the public about plastic and how it is recycled, as well as what the future of recycling plastic could look like. The unit is a product in its own right, but it is also the seed for a larger goal. Acting as the first step in creating a national decentralised recycling network that utilises the most advanced plastic recycling techniques available.