Hi there, I'm Minh Ton-Nu - a Product / UX & UI Designer with ultra energy and humour.

In my childhood, I made artworks all the time. In my teenage-hood, I liked psychology. Then I was always around technology. So bam! I found out that User Experience design for digital products was a thing - and it is MY THING. I chose to major in UX at Swinburne last year and I've been working as a UX & UI (sometimes Product) designer since the start of 2021. My biggest ambition is to solve people's problems by technology and design.

For me, teamwork is always better than mywork. Like orchestras, my best designs happen when I collaborate with others (co-designers, developers, copywriters, etc.). Hence, my portfolio below only displays a mega group project. For this GradX exhibition, I chose not to showcase my individual skills. Instead, I chose to brag about HOW COOL MY CAPSTONE GROUP PROJECT is, and I hope you enjoy our public game design. Due to the website's bugs, I couldnt display the project's cool animations but if you can click the images to view them or view the full presentation on Miro (link in the last paragraph), it'd be a much better experience (I promise!)

Speaking of orchestras, I love listening to orchestras and playing the piano. I also like exploring museums, architectures, natures, cultures, and pretty much every fun thing. I carry my curiosity from study/work to daily life (I bet my course convenor, Jeni, will laugh when reading this) and I never say never (*play song in head*) to trying something new or meeting new people. I'm definitely an ultra extrovert that loves to talk, listen to, and joke with people. I enjoy being around everyone and my favourite thing to do is listening to people laughing at my jokes.

If you like to chat or hang out, connect with me on my socials. Have a nice day,
2021's Minh

Project presentation (with animations): https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lnbKZ_Q=/?invite_link_id=979609630199