I discovered my passion for design in high school, where I decided on a whim to do design for my VCE. I quickly realised how much I enjoyed it, especially after I needed two portfolios due to the amount of work I’d done (I couldn’t fit all of my work into one). I received a 98% grade (only losing one mark for the entire project) and was awarded the Max Darby Design Award. My decision about my degree then changed from Animation to Design (although I ended up studying both anyway).

I found myself drawn to Swinburne due to their incredible reputation for creativity. Upon my enrolment, I was majoring in Graphic Communication Design but it wasn’t long before I picked up a second major in Digital Media Design (now Motion Design). I’d had a passion for media since high school (hence the love for animation), so I was excited for this major.

At Swinburne, I’ve learned a variety skills that I’ve been able to use in the design industry. My passion for design even took me to New York, where I interned for established makeup brand, Winky Lux. There, I gained experience invaluable for both working in the design industry and life in general.

I’m currently working predominantly in the music industry as a designer for musicians, creating music covers and promotional materials, digital and otherwise.

I’m excited for a future where I can assist others to express themselves or their brands through one of my biggest passions.