Hairong Geng (b. 1999, China) is study in design in Melbourne. We are apart of the answer is his first attempt at street photography.

Incorporating his personal emotions at the same time, "Ambivalence" is expressed throughout the photobook. Because once caught "Ambivalence", it will lead to negative coping strategies such as avoidance and procrastination. Finally, the circumstances compelled people to do something to change this state. And this is undoubtedly very self-consuming and a waste of time. It’s like a vortex, and even if people realize they’ve fallen into the vortex of “Ambivalence,” it’s hard to pull themselves out of it.

We are apart of the answer records what Hairong saw and gained as an international student on the streets of Melbourne and in various activities. And there will be a clear emotional direction throughout the portfolio, from people who don't have a smile on their faces at the beginning to people who greet you and smile at you at the back. In the process, people may be able to figure out or get rid of them "Ambivalence".

At the same time, during the photographing, it was also the first time the Australian government lifted the mask ban post-pandemic. While many people are flocking to the streets, there are also more and more activities. This also makes the city "live" again. It is because of this that Hairong can capture so many moments smoothly.