Dana Flahavin is an emerging photographer and graphic designer based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her current photographic work explores the intersections of grief, climate, and human connection to Earth. Having grown up in Gippsland, Victoria (on Gunai Kurnai Country) nature has always played a major role in her life, and so seeks to encourage its protection and preservation in all that she does. Last semester she used her final photography brief to document the destructive deforestation occurring in Victoria’s central highlands, and the court case in which Kinglake Friends of the Forest and Environment East Gippsland took VicForests to court over the logging of threatened species habitat. Activism, community engagement and environmental concerns thus form a central axis of her work.

Dana’s other design passions lie within publication design - her attention to detail and curiosity in exploring possibilities creates considered, deeply thought about and beautiful works. Like her photography, storytelling and sharing are weaved in wherever possible. Such interests have found her interning with the print and online magazine, Dumbo Feather: conversations with extraordinary people, and she hopes to continue to explore this avenue of storytelling for change.

Outside of this, you can find Dana hiking mountains, pondering life, and cooking up her next big idea or adventure.