Emily McCoy is a freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer.

Emily is a passionate, motivated, and personable person, skilled in a vast variety of areas, such as film/TV, photography, education and design. She is a team player and enjoys working and collaborating with others; constantly learning and taking pride in the quality of her work. Her focus is ensuring she understands what the client wants, mutually sharing ideas and concepts, to ensure the end product is one that the client is completely satisfied with, as well as the creative directions that are already set in place within the creative companies.

From photographing event functions to large corporate shoots, to everything in between, Emily has developed a keen eye to capture the right moment at the right time - making sure that moment lasts forever in digital or print form.

During the last semester of completing the Bachelor Design (Photomedia), she was able to access her own creativity of exploring feminine energy by mixing her passion for design and photography in an alternative way. The images shown in GradX are of this work.