Sarah has had a love of photographing natural environments from the age of fifteen. She has always endeavoured to push her creative abilities and to capture the beauty in the world.

Upon completing high school in country Victoria, Sarah undertook studies in Interior Design at Swinburne University. Through this course, Sarah learnt skills in a variety of areas such as colour, materials, and lighting. Once completing her Advanced Diploma, Sarah realised her heart truly lied with photography.

She has since completed her Bachelor of Design (Photo Media). From what was initially a hobby, Sarah has grown her love of photography and hopes to work as a photographer upon graduating. By gaining experience through practical classes, Sarah has discovered her love of photographing families and newborns. Her Capstone project has centred around such subject matter. She believes that to photograph a portrait is to capture a person’s life in that exact moment. Photographing events such as weddings or the addition of a new family member are fragments of time that need to be remembered and cherished.

Sarah has developed a style which can be described as soft, calm, and personal. She endeavours to capture moments in a beautiful way to ensure they will be looked back on for many years to come.