I'm Katie and I recently completed a Bachelor of Design, co-majoring in Photomedia and Motion Design.

I've always had a passion for photography and image making and have been fuelling and developing this passion through the past few years at uni. I've also found new interests in art direction, video making, 3D modelling and image editing/manipulation.

In my work, I'm drawn to unique shapes and lighting, and love exploring different ways to capture a subject - I'm always experimenting with visual styles and techniques. More recently, I've found myself capturing images in a cinematic style through careful consideration into lighting, colour and depth. I'm inspired by movies and cinematography, and how a subject's own self and feelings can be conveyed visually. I especially love detail when it comes to an image, and how so many visual elements from the biggest subject to the smallest spec can come together to create a visually complex and aesthetically pleasing image.

I'm also a big lover of music and am fascinated by how photography or a moving image can be enhanced by the music paired with it - and in turn how music can inspire the creation of an image. I would love to be able to combine my passions for music and design as a career.