Kira is a recent graduate from Swinburne University, where she studied a Bachelor of Design majoring in both Communication Design and Photomedia. Kira has always had a deep love for all things creative, and her studies have only developed those passions.

Throughout her education, Kira has immersed herself in numerous areas of graphic design and photography, and has loved all the learning experiences and challenges that arose. Within the design process, Kira combines her attention to detail and desire to help others with research to design effectively and creatively. Kira has the willingness to learn and grow consistently, which she believes is a vital element in the industry’s ever-evolving nature, and she is very excited to explore the opportunities to come.

When she is not designing, Kira can be found either by the beach or at home, with a collection of books to read and her lovable dog snoring away beside her.