Declan Ellerton is a photographer and art director specialising in portraiture and cosplay photography. First getting a taste of the professional world of photography by completing a Diploma in Photo Imaging in 2015, He has since worked with a wide variety of peers and clients.
Following on In 2020, and with the state of things back then, Declan decided to take the next step in his career by starting a Bachelor of Design with a Photomedia Major. This new endeavour has allowed him to hone his craft further and acquire new skills in programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Unreal Engine 5.
During this degree Declan has entered the world of 3D rendering and animation, giving him a new way to design scenes and create imagery previously beyond his reach. His series on burnout, titled 'Consumed', is the culmination of what he has learnt in the 3D rendering space thus far in conjunction with his real-life experience of burnout during Covid.
Declan is excited to continue reaching new heights within his 3D rendering journey and is hopeful for the future of 3D rendering within the industry of photography and how the two can come together to create even more fantastical artwork than they could previously on their own.