A creative individual who is empathetic to user needs throughout the entirety of the design process. Passionate about sustainability, green tech and keen to further develop my knowledge in manufacturing, emerging technologies and Iot.

I enjoy collaborating on design problems and implementing interdisciplinary approaches with a variation of skill sets within a group. I like looking at problems from a ‘high level’ or ‘big picture’ perspective and believe this is useful in achieving solutions that are effective in all realms of its impact.

My final year project, ‘Pygmy,’ focuses on the welfare of small zoo animals by randomizing the provision of food. Since feeding times at zoos generally fall into a routine schedule for operational efficiency, there is a strong element of predictability in animals’ enclosures. Evidence suggests that variation in feeding times is beneficial to animal welfare and provides the opportunity for them to engage with their environment, however zookeepers rarely have the time to implement this with their heavy workloads.

Pygmy can be easily used by zookeepers with the push of a button, and allows them to provide healthy enrichment without increasing their workload. With the ability to be flexibly mounted in enclosures and filled with any form of food, Pygmy offers a buildable solution to a variety of enclosures. Pygmy complies with all safety items on the Zoos Victoria enrichment checklist and is dishwasher safe.