I am a passionate and driven Product Design Engineer, who strives to develop innovative, user centered solutions that make a positive impact.
Throughout my degree, I completed an internship at FREO2 where I worked on an oxygen delivery system for children in Uganda. This semester I developed a storage solution for Vitruvian where my design was commended for its integration into the user’s home environment.
I have expanded my technical skills via working at Tricycle Developments for the past 2 years. Where I have worked on wide range of projects learning from experienced professionals who love what they do.
For my final year project, I chose to take a proactive approach to the global ageing crisis, focusing on a product solution to promote intergenerational interaction.
Intergenerational programs across the world have proven to increase both generations wellbeing, physical and mental health and encourage a shift to positive ageing attitudes.
BUILD is a modular building system, developed in conjunction with researchers, users, and aged care staff, to facilitate intergenerational programs that bring together pre-schoolers and older adults in aged care facilities.
The kit contains a set of poles, boards and activity panels that use intuitive actions mimicking fundamental movement skills to create play structures. The sizing and configurations possible enable children to climb up to the adult’s seated or standing eye level. The activity boards target specific cognitive, or physical outcomes and stimulate a range of senses. BUILD facilitates enjoyable interaction, that encourages social connection between generations, while promoting an increase in physical activity and retention of everyday function.