Hey, I'm William Green.

I am a Product Design Engineer interested in optimizing design for ease of manufacturing and assembly.

I have had the fortune of working at Columbia Australia as a Product Design Engineering Intern for the past two years. This has allowed me to spend time with injection moulding machines, and learn from the experts that produce products we interact with daily.

For my Final Year Research Project, I have designed the Motus Hospital Bassinet and Stand, the system for improved accessibility for mothers post caesarean birth.

Mothers who give birth via caesarean often have difficulty tending to their infant in the hospital over the first few days due to their immobility and the remote proximity of traditional bassinets.

The Motus Bassinet reduces the reliance on midwives to frequently hand the baby back and forth to the mother by enabling the bassinet to be positioned adjacent to the mother in the most convenient and comfortable orientation.

This was a challenging and rewarding project that provided an opportunity to work on a subject matter I was unfamiliar with, gaining insights into designing for usability.

I look forward to the future where I hope to make a difference in the products I help produce and continue to learn from the people I work with.