Hi, I'm Andrew!

I'm a product design engineer who is passionate about designing to make life simpler for people. Throughout my studies I have developed my skills in human centered design, designing for usability and holistic problem solving. I consider myself a well rounded engineer and designer. I am passionate about making a difference to the world through making life easier. As the world develops and evolves, often people get left behind. As a PDE I aim to help bridge the gap created so as a community we can all progress together.

For my final year research project I created the sleep cover - Improving sleep in hospitals by reducing disruptions due to sound. A large percentage of the population has to visit a hospital, during these visits the patient's medical needs are the priority. This unfortunately creates an environment that is very disruptive. The project's goal is to reduce some of these disturbances so patients can have more rest and overall improve the recovery process. The sleep cover acts as a shield that creates a private space for the user to sleep, read a book or go on their phone.