Heya Folks,

I'm Luke (He/They), and these are the qualities that best reflect my personality. Design is a compromise of conflicting variables, and as a Product Design Engineer, I am a reflection of this. My speciality is in manufacturing and operations, helping people turn ideas into reality.

My LinkedIn details my 3 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, as an operations engineer and project manager. Similarly, my folio demonstrates my physical skills in prototyping, proficiency with Solidworks or ability to visually communicate ideas through Keyshot animations.

On a more personal note, I am extremely passionate about the neuroqueer, and wider neurodivergent community. This passion is demonstrated through my capstone project, which is about helping meet the everyday sensory needs of this community.

Specifically, 96% of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (a highly individualised, developmental disorder & subset of the neurodivergent community) have abnormal sensory needs. Failure to meet these needs can cause meltdowns or shutdowns in an ASD individual. An autistic meltdown is a distressing event where a person is overwhelmed by their current sensory environment, and uncontrollably shuts down for an extended period of time.

My product, the Sensory Bracer is designed to help with these sensory needs, by being worn under sensory garments. A sensory garment is a compression top (similar to sports compression clothing) that provides additional pressure on a person’s chest, and helps comfort their body. However, each individual with ASD is unique, and needs a different and/or changing level of pressure. Therefore, the Sensory Bracer is a modular and polymer exoskeleton that mechanically adjusts the level of pressure provided by the sensory garment, meeting the needs of that specific person.