Hello! My name is Campbell Larkman - a Product Design Engineer with a strong passion for 3D visualisation. Over the last few years, I have worked diligently developing my skills in 3D CAD, 3D rendering, product concept generation and rapid prototyping. Throughout my projects at Swinburne, I have applied and strengthened these various skills that have provided me with the opportunity to tackle different and challenging design problems.

For my final year project, I have developed the ARC - The Adaptive Rock Climber Prosthetic Foot, aimed to assist lower-limb amputee rock climbers.

Sports and recreational fitness activities have become more and more accessible for those living with disability. Lower-limb amputees have access to a wide range of prostheses, that allow them to overcome many day-to-day challenges and gain the ability to participate in these adapted sports. However, the prostheses market severely lacks options for amputees who wish to participate in climbing.

Many prosthetics are designed and built for walking, running, and other forms of gait restoration, whereas climbing presents a physically demanding set of unique movements a person must overcome. Many existing prosthetics on the market are unsuitable for climbing as they are not stable enough, do not replicate the natural push of leaping up the wall and pose an increased risk in slipping and falling.

ARC addresses this shortcoming with an adaptive prosthetic climbing foot which connects seamlessly to an existing prosthetic socket. ARC provides enhanced support and features a force-reaction spring system which enables the amputee to manoeuvre naturally when scaling bouldering challenges and allows them to overcome the dynamic movements other prosthetics fail to provide.