Hi, I’m Tom!

I’m a Product Design Engineering student who is passionate about Motorsport and Mobility Design. Some of the highlights of my University journey include leading the Swinburne Formula SAE program, being involved with the Swinburne Engineering Student Society and making concepts and prototypes come to life at the Swinburne Protolab.

When I am not on campus you will likely find me working as a data engineer at a race track, going for a run or assembling a drone. For my final year project I developed a Formula 4 front wing, made from flax fibre.

Carbon Fibre composites have incredibly stiffness to weight properties, but require high energy processing to produce and are harmful to the environment. By using a Flax Fibre substitute, a product of greater sustainability and aesthetic can be achieved, while still hitting cost and stiffness properties.

The ideal scenario is that a wing would be manufactured from naturally sourced flax, wound into fibre sheets with a wet lay bio-resin process. This means that there is less energy expenditure during manufacturing. The wing at completion of its racing life cycle, is then shredded and reapplied to the mould, with another resin process to be down cycled into new mobility products, such as bike frames, surfboards and furniture.

The project in collaboration with the FIA, has gone through a range of static, simulated and dynamic testing as a proof of concept and performance. The final model will be subjected to wind tunnel testing at Monash Clayton in December for final evaluation.