Hi, I’m Leo — a final year Product Design Engineering student at Swinburne. As a product designer, I am fascinated by our relationship with everyday objects. I aspire to inject whimsical and intuitive interaction into my designs, and believe that playfulness doesn’t need to come at the cost of quality. I am interested in lighting, furniture and toy design, and I'm passionate about products that can be passed down to future generations.

My final year project, Limber, is an attempt to alleviate the growing discomfort — both physical and mental — that the boom of remote work has caused. People working from home take fewer breaks, get less incidental exercise, and have greater trouble detaching themselves from their work lives — especially now that many are facing the need to upgrade their home offices and carve out a section of their homes dedicated solely to work. I sought to design a comfortable, dynamic home office chair that can mitigate the sedentary lifestyle of remote work without negatively affecting the atmosphere of the home.

My design aims to encourage lower body movement through amplifying natural fidgeting motions, while keeping upper body movement to a minimum so productivity isn't affected. The independently articulating seat cushions allow freedom of movement, while the suspended leg rests help to improve balance and keep the user stable in any number of possible seating positions.