Hi I'm Carter Brunton

born 1996 and curious since 1997.

Studying to be a product design engineer, currently working as a reverse engineer with a start up company.

Looking forward to taking the next step and expanding my knowledge base learning everything I can to be a better engineer.

Swinburne has managed to teach me many important skills from taking a simple sketch and transforming it into a product making sure to consider all facets from material choice to manufacturing options, knowing how to test the product to the extremes so it can handle any situation. To looking at a product and understanding the target market and the aesthetics used to inform its shape to have the greatest impact. And knowing how to present this amazing product to the world so it can be understood and received by everyone.

From what started as a love of taking things apart with my hands to better understand them to taking inspiration from the world around me to create products to help improve people's lives this is just the beginning of a new stage for me.