Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m a product design engineer who is passionate about using my skills to make an impact on the world. Throughout my time at Swinburne, I have gained key skills and put them into practice. This has included an Engineers without Borders design summit in Cambodia and a makeathon with Tikkun Olam Makers. Another highlight has been a project with AboutSpace Lighting which resulted in my lamp being selected for commercialization. I have also had experience as an industrial engineering intern with Cummins for the past two years.

For my final year project, I designed Bounce, an active and independent play product for non-mobile children.

Cerebral Palsy is the most common mobility disability in children with 1 in 3 being unable to walk. Being non-mobile greatly hinders a child’s ability to take part in fundamental development activities.

Bounce provides these children an opportunity to play independently and take part in an enjoyable, highly rewarding, physical activity. The user is kept supported with elastic straps so that they can bounce and move freely and safely.

Designed in partnership with TOM: Melbourne, Bounce will also have an open-source design to help children around the world. This version uses accessible manufacturing such as 3D printing. The bottom two images show the open-source product. A final prototype will also be delivered to an 8-year-old girl who has informed the project as she struggles with the limitations caused by being non-mobile every day.