I am passionate about creating and designing innovative and user-centred products that solve real world issues.

Growing up, I have always had an interest in the design of products and how they function. This led me to undertaking a Product Design Engineering degree, where I could apply my problem solving and technical skills to design, prototype and test new products. A 12-month placement at PACCAR Australia provided me with an opportunity to enhance my skillset as a Product Design Engineer, and gain invaluable industry experience.

Final Year Project: AutoStow
Opening a bag independently and accessing essential items, such as a laptop, may seem effortless, however, for individuals with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) it can represent a significant challenge. People with Duchenne MD, the most common form, will typically require a powerchair, as muscle deterioration detrimentally impacts their independence, requiring a caregiver to retrieve inaccessible belongings stored behind the user’s back. (Muscular Dystrophy Australia, 2018)

AutoStow is a unique, accessible storage solution for individuals with MD who use a powerchair. AutoStow allows the user to independently access everyday belongings, such as a laptop, whilst incorporating a secure, integrated mobile device and beverage holder. At the press of a button, the powered storage unit rotates from beside the power wheelchair, and folds down in front of the user, allowing for effortless access to items with limited limb movement.

The AutoStow empowers individuals with MD who use a powerchair, allowing them to easily access their belongings, providing a newfound independence in their day-to-day lives.