Hello, I’m Luke Bone. As a product design engineer I’m drawn to technical design and how products work. Curiosity and artistry drive my innovation. My design influence is heavily conceptual as I enjoy pushing the boundaries of visual themes to bridge the gap between imagination and practicality. As a designer, product aesthetics pilot the forefront of my creative process leading to design outcomes with satisfying finishes. My time as a student at Swinburne University of Technology has given me the opportunity to learn and develop my skills as a designer and challenge creative thought.

My final year project CXARLIE provides contemporary weather protection for wheelchair users. Getting caught out in the rain is an inconvenience and discomfort everyone has experienced. Wheelchair users face additional challenges in operating standard weather protection products. There is no current solution that incentivises keeping dry over inconvenience, leaving wheelchair users exposed to unfavourable weather conditions. CXARLIE is a compact, practical weather protection garment that understands individualised needs and challenges faced by people who use a wheelchair. CXARLIE breaks down the stigma attached to using disability aid products by offering a discrete and modish apparel accessory that facilitates self-expression.