Architecture is a constantly evolving field, driven forwards by innovation and new technologies. I, A S M Forhad Hossain, completed my B.Arch at BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2014 and my M.Arch at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia in 2022. As a result of my desire to actively participate in the industry, I worked for a number of consulting firms and multinational conglomerates during and between my study periods. My varied roles from associate to executive in residential and commercial projects such as office buildings, hotels, restaurants, service apartments, and pharmaceutical industries exposed me to the complexities of the decision-making process, data sharing platform between stakeholders, and technological intervention in the design and construction process. Currently, I am working as a research assistant at Swinburne alongside a fabricator to prepare Framecad shop drawings for light gauge metal fabrication for a CNC roll-forming machine. In my master's research, I have conducted a series of speculative design iterations to find the optimal solution through various acoustic and structural simulations and have developed a fabrication workflow for installation using natural materials such as mud, bamboo, timber, and mycelium. Relevant to this study, which will be published in the article "Unearthing Sustainable Material Futures" by June 2023, are two distinct projects that I worked on. I want to explore innovative computational design and digital fabrication systems, individually and collaboratively, to deal with a large amount of built environment data and information.