Hey, I'm Laura!

I’m an enthusiastic design thinker, creative problem solver and life-long learner. I am passionate about creating beautifully simple user experiences that get to the crux of the user’s emotions, behaviours and needs. With 10 years of retail and hospitality experience where I worked in a variety of different teams, I am a strong team player who encourages others to give their all, and work collectively.

I love finding innovative ways to create user experiences that are functional and makes significant improvements to people’s lives. I'm interested in considering how can we design for everyone – not just the outdated idea of the ‘average’ person. Although I believe in the mantra ‘good design is invisible’, I love an opportunity to create experiences that surprise and delight users.

I have spent the last three years finishing a Bachelor of Design (Communication) and I also have a interest in many pursuits, such as technology, photography, professional writing, illustration, and social media marketing. Although I am open to any interesting work opportunities - I am especially interested in working in the game industry, creating XR experiences or any new technologies.

​If you have any questions at all please get in touch through social media or the form below – even if just for a chat!