I am an image maker and designer, with a passion for visual storytelling through experimental means. Currently focusing on self-portraiture, my images are optic representations of my relationship with myself and my work. Through my meditative photography practice, I have further developed my ambition to help communicate stories of minority people, whilst continuing to work with an awareness of the climate crisis.

Being a student of the Swinburne Bachelor of Design Photomedia Major, I have developed as an experimental photographer and designer and have become confident with an array of visual storytelling mediums. Opting for alternative camera photography techniques and practices, with a focus on post-production image making within the Adobe suite, I have become a visual artist with aspirations of becoming a professional campaign image maker, while continuing to work on personal projects, that both raise the voices of those who need lifting.

I have been fortunate to advocate for young creatives while raising an awareness of the environment during my final semester through the Photomedia Capstone project. As Art Director of the immersive virtual exhibition ‘Archipelago’, alongside Gertie Hall, I have acquired skills of leadership and visual and verbal communication that I otherwise would not have gained. Focusing on the incredible body of work that my classmates and I have created, Archipelago personally represents the culmination of my ethics and beliefs surrounding storytelling, the environment, and the necessity for honest connection and communication in the creative world.