Aaron Agustin is a Communication and Motion Design graduate with a keen and passionate vision towards design. The many projects at Swinburne challenged Aaron to create work that allowed him to think outside the box and pursue different creative routes, all unique and different in execution and thinking. Aaron’s particular skills include branding, user-interface design, user-experience design, video editing, filming, motion design, animation, photography and image-making. Aaron particularly enjoys graphic design, illustration, motion design, and character design as they are his true passions which help him focus on creating engaging and unique work outcomes.

Aaron’s time at Swinburne allowed him to take on various roles and responsibilities, including becoming a team member which allowed him to be given many tasks to prioritize and balance out to learn and become efficient in time and attention to detail. Aaron has also been a team leader which allowed him to give tasks and manage a team to reach the end of the project with a successful result.

Aaron is passionate about design and is very exuberant to have you see his work, effort, and skills that he has developed after all his time here at Swinburne. Aaron is always open for communication. Please take time looking at his work here, and on his website, and of course, do not hesitate to contact him.