Anthea Counsel


Growing up in a construction and building environment, helped plant the creative seed from a young age. With siblings and parents that are sprinkled throughout different building professions, it has showcased many aspects of the industry. I’ve always had an interest in beautifully crafted items, whether that’s in fashion, home wares, art or design. I’ve spent the last few years studying Interior Architecture, which helped cement my love for the aesthetically beautiful, but also the functional.

With a passion for beautiful and functional design, I’ve created a skill set that allows me to focus on achieving both without one outweighing the other, while also developing a range of skills that help create sustainable designs. Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of residential projects as a personal design consultant, helping clients finish off their builds and making sure that they’re receiving the dream they set out to create. I love the design world and I’m extremely excited to step forward and begin my journey in Architecture and Design as a graduate.